Reducing downtime on haul trucks is critical for mining and aggregate operations, especially when hauling one of the most abrasive materials in the mining industry. Profitability is compromised when your haul trucks aren’t moving because your welding crew is overwhelmed with replacing equipment wear liners.

CAT 777E haul truck body has 30mm thick AR500 wear strips welded on the tail – on top of the OEM wear liners! The AR500 strips are changed at 1,200 hours. These AR500 strips lost 18mm thickness in just a few weeks.

Cutting wear strips on site, removing worn liners, and installing new strips takes a welding crew a week or longer to get a haul truck back in service.

Replacing AR500 Every Other Month Equates to 6 Weeks Downtime Per Haul Truck, Per Year. When your haul truck is not rolling…it’s not generating revenue.

The pressures of mining equipment availability forces welding maintenance teams to resort to using old cutting edges and any other materials on hand to extend wear life. This leads to longer maintenance down times and increased haul truck weight, which increases fuel costs and lowers operational profitability.

Spec-Cast recognized that Chromeweld™ 600 would dramatically reduce maintenance downtimes and increase haul truck availability.

The 10mm Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO) on a 10mm mild steel base plate has the additional bonus of an immediate 33% weight savings over the 30mm AR500 strips.

Custom fabricated Chromeweld ™ 600 liners arrive with plug weld holes, dramatically reduced installation downtime as compared to the AR500 strips.

After 2,293 hours of use, the projected wear life of Chromeweld ™ 600 is 7 times longer than AR500. Remember, the 30mm AR500 plates are replaced at 1,200 hours.  Labor savings alone paid for the Chromeweld ™ 600 by avoiding continually replacing the AR500.

How Can Your Operations Improve Using Chromeweld  600?